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New Rabid Anti-vaxer leader, Dr. Mercola . . .
. . a little bit ago started calling Google a dangerous monopoly, and urged people to use DuckDuckGo instead. A few days later he started calling Wikipedia a totally evil failed project. Then he started denouncing Google's new curator rules, and it's insane dependency on evil failed Wikipedia as a reference.

So, right about this time his Google search traffic dropped by 99%.

Seems Google/Wikipedia flagged his site as a "Possibly Dangerous Site", due to his rabid Anti-vaxer activities - and relegated him to page 36 and beyond.
New Not sure how I feel about that
On the one hand, I think his stuff absolutely deserves to be down-ranked. But if it happened immediately after he criticized them, that's not such a great precedent.

New Re: Not sure how I feel about that
His attack on Google's collusion with evil Wikipedia was definitely after the fact.

His calling Google a monopoly and to use DuckDuckGo was a few days before, but Google usually signals upcoming changes, and he has to have a serious crew of Web developers who would have been watching for hints - so I very seriously doubt this was a revenge thing.

Also, Mercola made no hint about it being a revenge thing, his attack was strictly against Wikipedia's biases.
Expand Edited by Andrew Grygus Sept. 4, 2019, 01:54:56 AM EDT
New Speaking of Google and Mercola ...
Not only is he an anti-vaxxer, he writes a lot about the problems with the lipid hypotheses and statins. So the LCHF proponents are up in arms about Mercola being down-ranked, saying it's the MSM sending low-carb proponents down the memory hole.

I hate when people I agree with on one topic are raving loons on another topic.

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