On 'Media Matters'/npr today:
Author, discussion of the book--which turns out to be a meticulous history of the political, social consequences; in particular: that Frontier as a trigger-word, how it has morphed via premeditated bafflegab around its liquid-meanings ... thus overall:
A pellucid step-by-step of HOW the dis-US {at various stages) ended-up with slogans about "reducing government size"--that bulwark postulate of every Repo- Libertarian- aka Reactionary model for (making the dis-US asymptotic to The Permanently-DIS U.S. Oligarchy we have as we speak.

So if your history appetite is up to it: buy this book NYT review. I see there are lots of others out there also too.
If you hit Media Matters in a day or so, it should be a podcast; the colloquy 'twixt author + interviiewer is a stellar performance in laying ot the sequential steps ...er, from Davy Crocket --> the current Crock o'Pure-shit extant.

I promise that your parsing will see many Connections to be made: in current-usage bafflegab by Repos of every stripe--but better: PAST 'successful slogans'
by Ronnie et alia--all feeding from the same trough. (Just recall any conversation with a LIberty-tarian in your jaded past, eh?)

Carrion ..sometimes it's an Evil-slogan messing up that Discriminator-filter in the jelloware.