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New What would "handled well" look like?

New Science, say?
ie as one who shares MM's view re "age limit 24 years +/-"

I'd opine that: ignoring that postulate, that early-on Pot-regular usage MAY.. well? quite fuck-with the growing synapse-interactions in yout' brains
(producing a possibly-lifetime alteration in jelloware)--is a thesis well worth defending-in-the interim while--Finding Out if there's Truthiness in the postulate.

Anything-less: merely appeals to Mammon's throat-grabbing Kapitalismo==that which made Murica what is is today.
As we see in the $$$-Joy in that ref.

Rest case.
     Hey mm, correlation != causality, but - (crazy) - (5)
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             Concur re "~25" but in anti-science tribes like dis-US ... it would just go Zooom. Catch-22. er, 25 -NT - (Ashton)
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             What would "handled well" look like? -NT - (drook) - (1)
                 Science, say? - (Ashton)

I think coming back from the summit was the rather more important achievement.
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