pre-PS: Were I the excitable-type via mere Doomsday scenarios?
(aka~ 'So the planet dies.. but.. But/but! that means that MOI-would-die! and That's all that matters!!ONE !!!!) ...
I'd be OUT THERE-a-screamin, Round-up all the IT-mavens and send them to Guantanamo! Tomorrow! ...but while I be not taciturn generally :-þ, I believe that big-Warnings-on this Scale ..would be futile; you cannot present the following scenario to the Science-illiterate/or those activelly hostile to sweet-Reason. Maybe in Switzerland? ;^>

World Affairs Council

Surveillance Capitalism: How Silicon Valley Profits from Tracking Us

In the modern age of Facebook, Google, and smart devices, most of us are under 24-hour surveillance. These data points are collected by large tech companies and are in turn sold to and used by governments and businesses alike to influence our behavior. On this week’s episode, Dr. Shosana Zuboff discusses her new book, “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism,” which explores what can be done to protect democracy and free thought against these new threats. She is in conversation with Jim Fruchterman, founder and CEO, Tech Matters.

Dr. Z walks us through her investigations into the gestation of analytic techniques of masses of personal data, various tests of its efficacy (Think 'Pokemon' 'game'+tokens) thence re-purposing as the efficiency of control is established. In brief: "manipulation which turns "us", all unawares: into "instruments for others' gains". aka an effective control over our autonomy", This is orders of magnitude beyond mere hawking of merchandise via ancient subliminal methods. Or hawking the earlier processes to Vladimir and Trumping the entire sorry planet: it's More--if you can imagineer 'such a heady magnitude'(?)

A sequential, detailed history from the gestation on through many tested-variants including the Cambridge Analytica incident, but quite more. It's no longer about just force-feeding more Stuff; it's the First digital near-Zombification-er, Matrix-in-action? and it IS eerie to follow-along the narrator's extrapolations--while adding your own?

[Mine? "It ain't just that 'The Maya is Strong'"]; it's: Roll-your-Own! Master/Universe drain bamage, and Dr. Z would be first to admit: She couldn't possibly know-yet: just how many "factorial! as in [n!]" are racing towards realizing personal Wet-dreams-via-transistors. Sure it sounds-like a clever sci-fi premise for s novella; it Does! but we've seen the power of the lesser-schemes: daily. since. Nov. 2016.

Is it not best-to-Know thine Enemy? aka the who+the how of new Scales-of-Bastardry seeking and obtaining quite more than winning the tawdry Moloch-Game of Capitalismo. much to find out before you're Found Out-totally, eh?
and I thought that C. Analytica had hit ~~ the nadir of Ethics-free ('ethics' becoming a fantasy word, next?) A new breed of pond-scum perhaps. So then, were the backers of the Drumpf-puppet to drop a few $B over next 15 months.? ... {wanna guess the New Veep? as CIEIO-from-a San Jose locale?}

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