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Explore the remarkable life and legacy of late feminist author Ursula K. Le Guin whose groundbreaking work, including "The Left Hand of Darkness," transformed American literature by bringing science fiction into the literary mainstream.

Goes beyond ---> Vulture Capitalism -vs- some cleaned-up-from-experience- "Communism", (sans its own incorporation of a Macho Constitution)

ie. if you're mch acquainted with er er, oeuvre.. you already Know that via her created-Worlds+population and all manner of social developments: she was Not-of the early-on pulp-genre as featured largely (pre-geek) ideas of machines (oft endowed with some elecronic-version of Machismo, there being so few femaole authors allowed into that genre: (by male Publishers natch).

The above American Masters hour does a credible job of introducing Le Guin to their audience. It includes her Al Punte-yet-courteous account of just-that-voyage she had traversed: on occasion of being invited to The Club-level of Awards. Finally.
I aver that she IS: That rare jewel from the Left eye of some Heathen Idol.

Bon appetít.. you can likely get this via "Public" broadcasting's NewPayWall for re-runs (like NOVA) ... which formerly Weren't $$$; 'Passport' it's called. (Have yet to send along MyScreed in-lieu of that stipend which Made this "listener-supported" Non-BS-tv into ..yan Corporate adventure in multi-source 'contributions'.

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