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New Sci-Fri .. Urban heat islands (earlier) + Microbes again re climate
[Blongs in Climate but we can't swap fora so: nevermind.]
Also: SciFri is in Boulder CO today ... crazy? ya gets to sit-in, Live!

Podcast up re just-How-much hotter it is within the Asphalt jungles ..like some ~ +20ยบ > at night, as thermodynamics happens

Then: microbes have a Lot to do with both making/and eating CO2 and CH4 and similar. But the + ones, - ones are intermixed
..and figuring out how to tip that admixture towards --> Eat != Excrete ..seems to be in its infancy.

('Course were we to remove just One Menace rapidly: that alone would make up for many quintillions of the Tiny-ones.)

Carrion ... it'a homo-Sap's largest accomplishment
(since realizing that The Screw is just a rolled-up inclined-plane) ergo ArchimedesI ... but origami-alone won't save Us from Selves.)
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New The last globel warming was ended . . .
. . by vast blooms of aquatic ferns. They gobbled up so much CO2 things cooled down.

The ferns are still with us, but now they're considered serious pests in recreational waters, so are cleaned out when possible.

About half our Oxygen is generated by the plankton layer of the oceans, the little critters breaking up CO2 by photosynthesis to make carbon compounds.

Actually, 100% of the Earth's oxygen is generated by Cyanobacteria. Chlorophyll in plants is actually cyanobacteria that adapted themselves to living in plant cells, and are called Chloroplasts.

Basically, they are bacteria that were engulfed by the plant cells, or invaded the cells, and instead of being digested, they took up residence there, making themselves useful to pay the rent.

Originally, Cyanobacteria were on their own. When they invented photosynthesis and started giving off oxygen, it caused an era called "The Great Rust", as everything on the surface of the Earth that could rust did. Then, when there wasn't anything left to rust, it caused the Oxygen Crisis, the first major mass extinction we know about - because free oxygen in the atmosphere was highly toxic to most living critters at the time.

Fortunately (or unfortunately - depends on how you want to look at it), some living entities were able to adapt to using oxygen in their metabolism.
New {{Sigh}} So then.. everything *IS* ..just another ..circle-jerk. O.K. ... I Believe!
     Sci-Fri .. Urban heat islands (earlier) + Microbes again re climate - (Ashton) - (2)
         The last globel warming was ended . . . - (Andrew Grygus) - (1)
             {{Sigh}} So then.. everything *IS* ..just another ..circle-jerk. O.K. ... I Believe! -NT - (Ashton)

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