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New They don't like you don't like

DMCA takedowns flung at clips containing the audience reaction (Booo! Hisss!) when the price of the monitor stand is revealed.
New Streisand Effect, anyone?
Seriously, who thinks that works in this day and age?
Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson.
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                 Streisand Effect, anyone? - (malraux)
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I've spent an unreasonable amount of thought on the line Janet sings in Rocky Horror: "His lust is so sincere". Now, on the surface, that's a big "DUH!" because that's the nature of lust. But wait: Brad has earlier sung about how hot he is for her, and it's pretty clear he's just being conventional. Brad's lust is not sincere.

Now, I could swill green mead and gnaw raw meat with sincere lust. As for kimchee and lutefisk, well, those would be just for effect. And if I'm just going for effect, I might as well wear a tie. And pants.

-- mhuber
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