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New one does wonder
…whether the “trash can” Pro, the non-configurable ebony cylinder launched with Apple’s usual hoopla six years ago (and now fallen down the Cupertino memory hole—its very existence scrubbed from the site) might now be had at a severely discounted tariff. Decades ago, when the company found itself with a few thousand unsold Lisa computers, and following an attempt briefly to rebrand these as the “Macintosh XL,” Apple disposed of the remaining inventory by plowing them into a landfill.

I suspect that so comparatively few of the Pro cylinders were sold in the first place that the used market will not be flooded with them. Steep discounts are, accordingly, likely not in prospect.

Here at The Crumbling Manse™, Big Cheese, my 2010/2012 tower (firmware upgrade), continues to give more than satisfactory performance with its 64GB RAM, multiple SSDs and untethered Mudbrick applications. Sure, it’s stranded in the High Sierra, never to traipse about in the dark of night picking desert blooms in the Mojave, much less surfing off Catalina, but in twenty months I have never regretted its purchase, which is more than I can say for some other Apple products I’ve brought home since 1982.

New I looked recently
They're still incredible money, given their old'n'crusty status.


Note that the above query is just not for a bunch of chancers asking optimistically high prices - that's actual sold boxes.
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