That was part of a long walk on the first full day going from my hotel near Union Sq over to Fisherman's Wharf.

I wandered north-ish wondering about scaling the first hill when I came across Stockton Street Tunnel. Score! Emerged in Chinatown and it was glorious, though being mid-morning I had no need for sustenance of any sort. I meandered west and north until I came to Lombard St in Russian Hill (yes, that famous street), then went down the hill to the cable car turntable on the end of Hyde St. Went east, found some lunch (fish and chips - natch!), then Pier 39 and a little tourist shopping. Got a tram back down the Embarcadero to about Pier 3 or so, then meandered back up to Union Sq.

I got sunburnt that day. :-)

Later days involved a trip to Santa Cruz to meet a friend, exploring the weird and wonderful shops in Haight-Ashbury, the City Lights Bookstore and the Cable Car Museum.

I want to come back with a slightly better organised itinerary. :-)