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Welcome to IWETHEY!

New Indeed, I'm sure it seems that way...
to someone who shows up and reads and replies to 5 year old threads every few years.


BTW, welcome back. You've been missed! Stick around for a while.

New We'll see. Depends.
New Jeez CRC..
So sorry to hear that you need those ... er, extra pants™ :-/
     No, I'm not buying a new camera right now, but... - (Another Scott) - (4)
         Of course you aren't, you bought one only the other day! -NT - (CRConrad) - (3)
             Indeed, I'm sure it seems that way... - (Another Scott) - (2)
                 We'll see. Depends. -NT - (CRConrad) - (1)
                     Jeez CRC.. - (Ashton)

I am unable to summon the amount of snark that statement requires.
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