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New to my surprise
The old phone, its SIM having been extracted, retains much of its former functionality (it can’t make phone calls, obviously, but was a secondary feature to begin with on the old one.) Gmail and internet both work. The new unit still feels disproportionate, uncomfortable, although I remain highly pleased with the camera, compared to the antique.

New It would not have been a surprise to you...
...had you ever owned an iPod Touch*. I did; first generation, back in the day. I left it in a hotel room, whereupon it just vanished, completely mysteriously, as if it were never there.

Anyhoo, it was basically an iPhone without a camera or 3G radio. It was also thinner.

Ah, those were the days; when Apple made shit I wanted.

It replaced my old 20GB disk-based 4th gen (2004-2005) iPod. I sold that for parts when it died - apparently the bumpers that hold the disk itself in place were, at the time, very difficult to obtain, and thus commanded a respectable price on eBay.
New Actually this piqued my interest.
I had a poke around the Apple store (quick lol at the £1500 512GB version of the iPhone XS Max), and I'm mildly amazed that Apple still makes and sells iPods of any stripe. But - there it is: two capacities, and five surprisingly bright colours including pink, blue, and red. Amusingly, the red* version is listed as an "Apple Exclusive colour", presumably to differentiate it from all those coloured iPods from other manufacturers.

But today, £300 for a 128GB music player does seem a bit, well, sporty. And it's abso-fucking-lutely ridiculous that the iPod does not have a headphone jack. But still. An iPod, running the current version of iOS. I absolutely did not expect that to be a thing in 2019.

*It's a Product Red item, and is the one you should buy, because a fraction of your purchase price goes to fighting AIDS. I think we can all agree that this is, without qualification, a good thing.
New They needed the space to make room for all the courage

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                     They needed the space to make room for all the courage -NT - (drook)

In conclusion, lithium in the water supply.
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