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New Post-mortem: just for the giggles
SO then.. I looked up means for a fussless seppuku for Mud-Flash; decided --with reservations--to go with Door #2: Go-to Mud City and {ugh} Use Their 'removal'-thing==yet another=last brown-ish download.

Did that.

Alas, I could not pre-kill Safari/necessary conduit of my wishes. (circle-jerk?)
And afterwards: MUDbrick had trashed the browser, such that [tl;dr: on the oddities]
Had to reboot thrice altogether! including Kill-via-The-Button.. the third time being the Charm..
It looked pretty bleak re lots of URLs after first two stabs :-/ ... schemes for a server-swamping vengeance?, etc.

Now it's personal re Mudbrick/an hour+ wasted, aka .. n-pins into Mud Doll, then buried in unhallowe'ed ground,
thence pissed upon, to be sure it was Muddy-enough. Got their stock? ..sell short.

All warranted because too: sans the perpetual overhead of that needs-fixing-every-month abortion:
The machine runs reminiscent of virgin first-boot/screens don't evanesce-away . . . Woo HOO
they fucking swap in an augenblick, (I ∆'d nothing besides this deletion.) A.M. just sits there.. with the pretty graphs huddling near-0 re MEM and CPU.

er, :-) :-) ..so far.
New Glad you got it fixed!
The only public site that I visit that still uses Flash is the NWS regional weather radar. (For years they had some beta thing going that was supposed to be new and improved, but it apparently was killed.)

A bunch of our "training" at work still uses Flash though. :-/

I haven't had too much trouble with Flash recently, but it'll be good when it's finally gone.

     Pwned by The Seattle Times.. - (Ashton) - (16)
         I would suspect a bad ad or something. - (Another Scott) - (12)
             Thanks.. 'jes sleuthin-fer-Gotcha!s or some decent Remover kit. - (Ashton) - (11)
                 That seems to be a legal issue - (scoenye) - (10)
                     Ugh; quandary then. - (Ashton) - (9)
                         Mudbrick Flashplayer? - (scoenye) - (8)
                             Thank you ..Thank you. - (Ashton) - (1)
                                 ~30 years of trying to stay ahead of this crap. But Google helps. A lot ;-) -NT - (scoenye)
                             I uninstalled it years ago. - (a6l6e6x) - (4)
                                 wat - (pwhysall) - (3)
                                     Well, after a second or so I get "This content doesn't seem to be working." - (a6l6e6x) - (2)
                                         This works fine for me on Chrome on Win10. - (Another Scott) - (1)
                                             Not on a Mac running Firefox the way I have it set up with NoScript.. - (a6l6e6x)
                             There's one free online game I like to play that use it - (drook)
         ~Nailed..(well, if it's made from melted pot-metal pennies.) - (Ashton) - (2)
             Post-mortem: just for the giggles - (Ashton) - (1)
                 Glad you got it fixed! - (Another Scott)

Your occasional fulminations are spicy & crunchy too.
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