The tsunami of homo-sap so often choosing the pleasures of Schadenfreude over {any suggestion of compassion, assistance ..of giving-a-Shit} towards creation of an authentic Society (of the sort which anyone would Wish to live in) ..while observing that such a perp-majority consider that they are daily serving a prison-term, being mere inmates of an asylum run by Nurse Ratchit.

(So few really DO Fly Over that Cuckoo's Nest in my experience of the dis-US forever-warring tribes.)
But how do you find a clean/unbroken 'slate' to turn-over/begin anew: amidst all this rubble?

Perhaps as temperatures rise further (not quite to Fahrenheit 451, one hopes) the cleansing effects of Fire shall be a fine starting point for all-New-species to take hold? :-)