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New Now, this is *real* mobile technology
In Southern California this weekend for the annual consultation with the tax accountant, the frau and I stopped in to visit an old friend—he actually introduced us half a century ago—who wanted to show off his latest toy, acquired last week: a Tesla “Model 3.” We went for a short ride, and I must say that apart from the fact that it couldn’t fly, the creature certainly looked and behaved as we imagined a twenty-first century vehicle might, back in the day. Rather than attempt to describe it in detail, I’ll refer the curious to the relevant site, and confine myself to observing that the goddamn thing accelerates like a bat outta Kansas. I’ve never been pinned to the seat like that before.

Anyway, whatever one thinks of Musk and his hype, the Model 3 makes a vivid first impression.

New Interesting.
Your friend isn't this guy by any chance?

It's mourning in America again.
New They are phenomal.
I test-drove a Model S some 6 months ago and even in that brief event, it was obvious they had totally leap-frogged what every other mass-market car maker was doing. In features as well as ability. I saw a Youtube review just the other day that showed a Performance Model 3 can do 0-60 in under 4 seconds. That's almost insane for it supposed to be a low-end family car.

Fun fact: The Model 3 is setting sales records, overtaking the likes of BMW. And with no advertising!

Yes, I want to buy one (can you tell?), but have to wait until they launch the RHD version here in Australia.

New A feature I particularly liked
There are multiple sensors around the car that will signal the presence, positions and relative speeds of nearby vehicles (they appear on the display as ghostly grey representations, and the software can distinguish between sedans, SUVs and trucks), so that the driver can tell by a glance whether someone is riding his blind spot.

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Did anybody else know that they kept a lake behind that big dam?
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