(Shown here last night; reprise today..) ymmv. Haven't yet pulsed Amanpour website--if there--as I try not to miss her: she could make any mundane thing ..Interesting because she's not merely Smart; she's been-smart all along her lengthy career of Reportage-Rightly-done {Sample: she personally covered Mladic (new Frontline/pbs) two years before his genocidal rampage.. [flic shown) and grokked immediately that he was pure slime.)

(Youse guys would know quite more re Springsteen and SVZ than moi..) he's a lucid, interesting interviewee (even if it's muchly-not-All re the roots of R&R.. ;^> His actions re killing apartheid S. Africa and correcting the No Child Left Behind clusterfuck (of typical Repo-Shrub paternity..) were entirely about saving *ART within all school curricula. He seems to have to hit it outta tha park on both ventures.. (creating a lengthy precĂ­s over ten years! on the latter). I dub him a Mensch.

* ..by telling the Teachers about the necessity of Engaging the Students via stuff they Like==USE R&R!! as a vehicle to demonstrate examples [intertwined with what you had hoped to impart ..by mere 'recitation']
Moi calls that simple Root-insight: bloody Genius-level advice.. ba dum