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New NewYorker article gets it right re. techno and the legal investigation(s) in transit
NYer How Did the F.A.A. Allow the Boeing 737 Max to Fly?

Early on, employees of the F.A.A. and Boeing decided how to divide up the certification work. But, partway through the process, a former F.A.A. safety engineer told the Seattle Times, “we were asked by management to re-evaluate what would be delegated. Management thought we had retained too much at the FAA.” The engineer said that “there was constant pressure to re-evaluate our initial decisions,” and “even after we had reassessed it … there was continued discussion by management about delegating even more items down to the Boeing Company.”

Even the work that was retained, such as reviewing technical documents provided by Boeing, was sometimes curtailed. “There wasn’t a complete and proper review of the documents,” the former engineer added. “Review was rushed to reach certain certification dates.”

The new revelations don’t stop there. “Federal prosecutors and Department of Transportation officials are scrutinizing the development of Boeing Co.’s 737 MAX jetliners,” the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday. “A grand jury in Washington, D.C., issued a broad subpoena dated March 11 to at least one person involved in the 737 MAX’s development, seeking related documents, including correspondence, emails and other messages,” a source told the paper. (The Justice Department and Department of Transportation declined to comment on the Journal’s reporting.)

The criminal investigation began well before the crash of the Ethiopian Airlines Flight. It’s not clear yet whether it is focussing on the mcas system, the report in the Journal said. But, that article added, “In the U.S., it is highly unusual for federal prosecutors to investigate details of regulatory approval of commercial aircraft designs, or to use a criminal probe to delve into dealings between the FAA and the largest aircraft manufacturer the agency oversees. Probes of airliner programs or alleged lapses in federal safety oversight typically are handled as civil cases, often by the DOT inspector general.”

Does this not strongly suggest [the knee-jerk scenario as instantly comes to mind] I mean ..strongly:

CIEIO at apex of the driving force:

"We must get something out there SOONEST ..or Airbus/neo shall clean our clocks: Get ON IT!!"
If allegations from the smaller-fish alleged above check out, could any jury omit the depravity of re-re-revising work already done (especially about the ordered massive lateral arabesque around the already ovine, "let Boeing do it.." attitude of FAA) in delegating so much 'oversight': of which they wanted even less.. ...

tl;dr ... The hurrier I go the behinder I get..
(A #1 al punte comment to moi ..when I was {unapothegmatically?) trying to er, accelerate the calibration of some accelerator gadgetry du jour, needed toot-sweet (and yes I acknowledged that his riposte Wins.)

Methinks this summarizes the Proximate Cause of two plane-loads of dead people via a possibly unCertifiable [??] product thence shipped ..all unDocumented with huge WARNINGS about what the {undisclosed} Key Culprit COULD DO: this oversight premeditated secrecy surely will be the McGuffin within a barrage of worldwide Claims against such a hideously ill-managed 'roll-out', wherein the MAIN impetus violates, "Good Fast Cheap: pick any two." Is jail-time next in the offing?

"We'll See.."
New But "Bidness is SO much better at *EVERYTHING* than Government Bureacrats", no?

It's mourning in America again.
     IT.-related [Boeing]: re s/ware bug + bad pointer veils actual cause + Addendum "How To Run 2.5 yrs: - (Ashton) - (43)
         Unrolled Trevor Sumner thread. - (Another Scott) - (6)
             Just now, too: AXIOS gives a 'cubic-closest-packing'/incisive Summary of the 'issues' (an hour ago) - (Ashton) - (3)
                 Won't matter - (drook)
                 not really drumpf's fault he was not president in 2011 - (boxley)
                 Regulation is only part of the FAA's mandate. - (mmoffitt)
             Re: On LionAir, pilots were never even told about the MCAS - (mmoffitt) - (1)
                 You posted a pic of that module.. which prompted moi to stare at it for some. time. - (Ashton)
         NewYorker article gets it right re. techno and the legal investigation(s) in transit - (Ashton) - (1)
             But "Bidness is SO much better at *EVERYTHING* than Government Bureacrats", no? -NT - (mmoffitt)
         They fought MCAS "more than two dozen times" and it never occurred to them to turn it off? - (mmoffitt) - (27)
             I don't follow that conclusion. - (malraux) - (26)
                 Read the FARs. - (mmoffitt) - (24)
                     Every plane ever made is 100% tech -NT - (drook) - (3)
                         Also: vaccines for preventable childhood diseases that are otherwise miserably fatal - (pwhysall)
                         Should have been more clear: Information Technology (i.e. computers and software) -NT - (mmoffitt) - (1)
                             Which are used to design all of these wonders of the modern age. -NT - (malraux)
                     Meh. - (Another Scott) - (14)
                         "Airline mechanics tried four times since Oct. 26" says it all: how Know they had Fixed it, then? - (Ashton)
                         It is definitely not a "cop out". Them's the rules and every pilot knows it. -NT - (mmoffitt) - (12)
                             Somehow I don't think that the pilots are going to get the lion's share of the blame in these cases. -NT - (Another Scott) - (11)
                                 heh. You don't know the FAA. -NT - (mmoffitt) - (10)
                                     Reuters today. - (Another Scott) - (9)
                                         I'll make you a bet. - (mmoffitt) - (8)
                                             Naah. We'll see. -NT - (Another Scott)
                                             ..think that: *THIS* time, there's been far too much Ink properly flung - (Ashton) - (4)
                                                 The FAA's mission is schizophrenic. - (mmoffitt) - (3)
                                                     So promotion is the goal, safety is a tactic -NT - (drook) - (2)
                                                         Yes, of course, Polly. -NT - (mmoffitt)
                                                         ..as Murican as cyanide-laced *Apple Pie, innit? - (Ashton)
                                             More from Reuters. - (Another Scott) - (1)
                                                 Um, yeah, it kinda was. - (mmoffitt)
                     ? - (malraux) - (4)
                         Did I even mention "root cause"? No. I did not. - (mmoffitt) - (3)
                             so how do you feel about self driving tractor trailers? :-) -NT - (boxley) - (1)
                                 Have those all you want. After I'm dead. ;0) -NT - (mmoffitt)
                             Then be more clear with what you're saying. - (malraux)
                 This logic is impeccable. Or I ain't got no cuth at all. Thanks for Beautiful concision! - (Ashton)
         More more from Reuters - (Another Scott) - (5)
             If this turns out to be true... - (mmoffitt) - (4)
                 Boeing has taken responsibility for both crashes now - (malraux) - (3)
                     BS - (crazy) - (2)
                         That's the part I don't get - (drook)
                         Yeah... - (Another Scott)

Everybody knows the 'Linux' facade is just the skorry chepooka, til we shvat the strack of Vesch 6.66a.
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