{while pondering the Significance of what 'skipping-over its exact capabilities' ..means for us all, on a much larger Scale} Ugly, that.

WHY did none of these Pros *demand exact and full DISCLOSURE* of the reason for this module AND all-about-its-guts (??) My first Q on peeping the module: is it conceivable that those about to fly their first MAX would NOT ask selves Query 1: w.t.f.does it Do, and HOW does it Do it? Second: What might it.. do-Rong??? and how do I *fully* disable it --> (once I get Query 1 answered).

(And I'd bet a C-note that None Of These newbies *guessed, from the idiot-iPad-Intro: just how Incessantly the sucker would re-ENGAGE INDEFINITELY: after Five Fucking Seconds!
* because, as now we know: NONE of the newest pilots of this machine were told that the System Existed, let alone its dependence on ONE sensor, the idiot-fact that: in these repeated 5-second stabs: the vertical elevator would increment DOWN all-the-way.

And even moi can deduce that the jackscrew moves that sucker s l o w l y ..so that even if a brilliant pilot grokked what was happening: (and had already run out of UP-correction via the much smaller trim-tabs): The Plane had NO CHANCE because turning that screw back to ^UP^ ... would take more time than the takeoff altitudes attained (already dangerously decreased from porpoising via the ferocity of each cumulative NOSE-down update! to the jackscrew).

Methinks that the Chief Engineer in this project just might be liable for criminal charges: for the absurdities already discovered, the secrecy of the MCAS system and the failure to demand triple-redundancy within a logic-choice so inescapably fatal (if any of a number of steps malfunctioned.)

I ain't no genius: if I could out-Think the tribe of Boeing's engineers, at first-glance! as each new factoid emerged: THAT IS SCARY re. all those geese within that spam-in-a-can coffin-in-waiting ..for a bad transistor.
THIS-all is on the same scale of IGNORANCE as got us the short-fingered-vulgarian and his gaggle of fellow mobsters. (So what are the ODDS?? that this banana-republic shall ever ACT-proportionally to the PERIL re climate ..until way past Tipping-Point #2, 3 arrive.) {don't answer that}

That a savvy org. like Boeing can push this FUBAR into --> sales-to-Users sans more than ONE simulator then in existence! ... seems the leitmotif re the ODDS on so unprecedented a matter as CLIMATE: being judged/funded by a Congress, Judiciary. Liar-in-Chief ... within which groups (I'd bet another C-note or two) ~90% of the members have no idea what Ohm's Law is, why it matters in so many places etc. Never mind Mr. Ohm---these folk are often both illiterate in science and most 'Muricans remain innumerate in all things. We Learn ever-so-slowly; thence we Act glacially. A q.e.d. death-knell. ie Ask-not what you can do for your planet ..launch an IPO.

I no longer stress the little-grey-cells, imagineering [n+1] possible ways that an accelerated DROP-PETROLEUM methodology might succeed (worst of all: we COULD actually have all that success==MONEY antediluvian reptilian-$$baggage) ... while saving our asses too. And I'll be damned if I shall 'become depressed' over: what surely is {some form of} Cosmic Decision that: this species is too deadly to Every Life Form.. to be allowed to continue. I shall simply meditate upon such WISDOM as is--apparently forever--beyond 'our' ken.

..works por moi.:-)
(too much Mahler ..doesn't really create endorphins though) :-/