So yer Da's got cuth!..

Also have the young Maynard Ferguson's, All the Things You Are ... recalled almost imediately by Mrs. Jerome Kern /she didn't like the slurs and stratospheric arpeggios..

Some early recordings shall live evermore.. prolly not these two, but.. someone WIll have a copy in a trunk.

(You wouldn't want to hear of the food-fights re McI's choice of an odd output circuit, nor Saul Marantz's specifying a special alloy to be used in the laminations for his output transformers.) I could be happy with my Linn-Sondek LP-12 turntable + a special cartridge ..but sans Ed Long's magick speaker-doping secret idea which speakers I'd aim for next {{sob}} if I don't soon find a wizard with similar chops in that black-art:

the cone's edge IS the 'spring' of course, but it seems that [ f = k x s] Ain't what you want there; you need a programmed dk/dt to play in that field; nobody did that via computer simulations and fancy drivers to force compliance (to my knowledge) but Ed Long found this analog-via-elastomer-creation mixes which simulated (what his "time-aligned" method could map out (accurate phasing was one of his tools.)

Ah well, someday there will be Super-audio, but I doubt that there will be program material available then (except underground) ..that anyone like moi would care to hear all that accurately [ba dum].

Frank $ Ernest cartoon strip, at optician's:
"Don't make 'em too good, Doc; there's not much I want to see all that clearly."