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New I grew up listening to a McIntosh receiver and tube amp.
My dad would play his Spike Jones 78s on a Garrard turntable hooked up to it. My step mom still has all that stuff...

It sounded good, but I don't know how much difference my ears could really sense. The tube radio in his '55 Chevy Bel Air was nothing to write home about. ;-)

And there was always the pops and crackles on the records... :-/

You're right about THD, but I think you'd be hard pressed to find those numbers at all on most of the consumer stereo equipment these days (especially on speakers with built-in amplifiers).

Most of the time I love digital recordings (I hate tape hiss and the like), but the "ch" sounds (and similar) are horribly, horribly distorted in most MP3s. It's painful to my ears. The default EQ settings on old iPods were horrible and made it much worse.

The mathematics is pretty compelling that sampling at 2x the highest frequency should be "good enough", but there's something that's not quite right in the implementation.

And don't get me started on digital video. Our cable company (Cox) only provides the BBC World Service channel at ~ 720i, and even then it's horribly compressed (don't try to watch reports on sports or you'll get sick from the horrible pixellation). Watching it on YouTube TV is a revelation. And as bad as Cox is about that, Spectrum (nee TimeWarner) in NC is worse. There should be FCC or independent standards about guaranteed digital bandwidth for video so that people have some idea of what they're getting for their gigantic cable bills.


New Spike Jones.. am sure that my 78rpm "In Der Fuehrer's Face'" is around somewhere
So yer Da's got cuth!..

Also have the young Maynard Ferguson's, All the Things You Are ... recalled almost imediately by Mrs. Jerome Kern /she didn't like the slurs and stratospheric arpeggios..

Some early recordings shall live evermore.. prolly not these two, but.. someone WIll have a copy in a trunk.

(You wouldn't want to hear of the food-fights re McI's choice of an odd output circuit, nor Saul Marantz's specifying a special alloy to be used in the laminations for his output transformers.) I could be happy with my Linn-Sondek LP-12 turntable + a special cartridge ..but sans Ed Long's magick speaker-doping secret ..no idea which speakers I'd aim for next {{sob}} if I don't soon find a wizard with similar chops in that black-art:

the cone's edge IS the 'spring' of course, but it seems that [ f = k x s] Ain't what you want there; you need a programmed dk/dt to play in that field; nobody did that via computer simulations and fancy drivers to force compliance (to my knowledge) but Ed Long found this analog-via-elastomer-creation mixes which simulated (what his "time-aligned" method could map out (accurate phasing was one of his tools.)

Ah well, someday there will be Super-audio, but I doubt that there will be program material available then (except underground) ..that anyone like moi would care to hear all that accurately [ba dum].

Frank $ Ernest cartoon strip, at optician's:
"Don't make 'em too good, Doc; there's not much I want to see all that clearly."
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Real classics should flash or jiggle or fade to black.
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