Note: ignoring bad dictating caps, phone interface.

On the last day of a negotiated exit (still had 2 weeks but this was the peak crisis day, meeting with the boss who was trying to get rid of me and HR) I was packing my stuff. I had accumulated coffee cups. I put them in a box. I took the box to the car, and dropped it in this trunk.

A couple of cups knocked together and sent a chip flying into my eye. I called my wife the nurse and ask what to do she said go inside and runs water. I went to the water fountain the second water hit my eye both eyes went blind I screamed in the hall people came in. they took me to the hospital. really a long story I'm not going into I'm already too long here so after they were done treating at the hospital but had not released they came in and told me that I needed to give urine for a drug test. who told you to get my urine. your company did. they already got a pound of flesh they are not getting my piss too. as I was driving home I wasn't driving as I was being driven home I spoke to the head of HR and said some asshole demanded the drug test. he said he was the asshole. I told him to go fuck himself. so of course I didn't go back for the next two weeks