I admit a long-standing bias towards say, members "authentic-English"-speakers (S. and north :-) almost across the board, in terms of being more like real Human beings; nevertheless, periodic events have suggested that:

Still, Brit [ tui gry'as'nya capitalistich'iskaya svinya! ] "filthy capitalist swine!" occasionally get to #1 in pure-Swinishness.
Op cit Murdoch-almost-by-definition? I deduce that, this illustrates that youse guys n'gals indeed possess elements across the board
from Angelic? --> ..to Mephistophelian as in our currently Failed Stateā„¢
ergo Mr Gauss(ian) knows no favorites. Still and all ''Murica WIns! handily the Turd-ring for the most Assholes per capita, generally to a fare-thee-well.

tl;dr ... I forgive you Murdoch's continued hoary-existence if you'll forgive er,
[List too lengthy even to try to condense]