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New J is annoyed with her's.
She's on Verizon. In areas where her 5S seemed to be fine in the house, she has dead-spots with the SE. Dunno if it's because of changes Verizon has made to their towers, or the phone, or what.

Plus, she has issues with "phantom clicks" occasionally - dialing people in her address book that she hasn't called in months, stuff like that.

This stuff is still much less reliable than it should be...

New Maybe that's a vendor specific problem?
We had Verizon in Fort Wayne, IN for years and the service was good. Then we moved north (to the current abode) and right after Verizon started bragging that "we upgraded our network!", we couldn't get a signal at all at our house. There was one spot in the basement where (in the winter only) you could sometimes get a signal strong enough to make a call or send a text. Once you drove into town (about 4 miles away) the signal came back. We switched to an mvno AT&T account and haven't looked back since.

Did you by any chance buy the phone from Verizon? I haven't had any of the problems you reported. Of course, I just upgraded this week-end to 12.0.1, so maybe they'll start showing up. :0(

It's mourning in America again.
New Bought directly at an Apple Store, after her 5S got rained on. :-( Thanks for the info.
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                 Maybe that's a vendor specific problem? - (mmoffitt) - (1)
                     Bought directly at an Apple Store, after her 5S got rained on. :-( Thanks for the info. -NT - (Another Scott)

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