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New Key word: untreated
Not every woman suffers debilitating periods, whether through luck or suitable treatment. It seems reasonable to say that if you're going to claim a day or two off every month at unpredictable times not under your control, that maybe you shouldn't be in a role that doesn't allow that flexibility.

New Exactly
10% of women (ignoring the additional 10% who suffer but are not incapacitated), ie: 5% of the population should not cause my non-suffering wife to be discriminated against.
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         That's why they invented PTO - (boxley) - (5)
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                     X days/year for sick? - (pwhysall)
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Fighting and romance are weirdly similar in many ways. Two people lock eyes in a crowded room. Everybody can feel the intensity of the emotions between them. One of them suggests that they step outside. “Come on, just you and me.” It starts out dignified, but they end up rolling around, tearing at each other’s clothing.

Also, both fighting and romance tend to look a lot better in movies than they do in real life.
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