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New M has decreed
Screw 'em.

Making up numbers here:

If 10% of the female population either go insane or are in agony or both (pretty much every female family member I have plus my x wife (try to imagine a household where their hormones synced up, happened together)) for a few days a month why should it be treated differently then any other chronic illness?

Get a doctor's note, take time as needed, BUT:
If the condition affects your ability to do your job, and the job is one of full time responsibility, then do not take the job. Or be ok when you are forced out.

You don't give an untreated manic depressive schizophrenic occasionally violent unpredictable person a position of responsibility, why is this different?
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New POTUS is not a position of responsibility, then? >:-)
New Key word: untreated
Not every woman suffers debilitating periods, whether through luck or suitable treatment. It seems reasonable to say that if you're going to claim a day or two off every month at unpredictable times not under your control, that maybe you shouldn't be in a role that doesn't allow that flexibility.

New Exactly
10% of women (ignoring the additional 10% who suffer but are not incapacitated), ie: 5% of the population should not cause my non-suffering wife to be discriminated against.
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