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New Even now, John McCain finds a way to put Trump in his place
via Kos with link to source.

John McCain told friends months ago that he didn’t want Donald Trump at his funeral. Instead he wanted former President Barack Obama and former President George W. Bush to attend his funeral and deliver the eulogy. McCain famously lost to Bush in the 2000 Republican primary race for President, and then lost to Obama in the 2008 general election for President. Yet McCain chose these two men — one Republican and one Democrat — to eulogize him.

McCain thus ensured that his funeral would be bipartisan and inclusive, making it all the more glaring that current “President” of the United States wasn’t invited. [...]

After Trump treasonously stood next to Russian President Vladimir Putin and sided with him over the United States Government, an ailing McCain released a statement which called it and one of the “most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory”

www.palmerreport.com, Aug 25, 2018

Heh.. Class will out ..against any old thoroughly detestable man-child.

Obama's take via Kos here.

Expand Edited by Ashton Aug. 26, 2018, 02:44:28 PM EDT
New St. John messed with Donnie's parade, also too.

The estimated cost of the Trump administration's military parade, planned for Nov. 10 in Washington, reportedly has grown to $92 million, a 600 percent increase over the $12 million the Defense Department estimated in July.

According to CNBC, the parade is to include as many as eight tanks, along with other armored vehicles such as the Bradley and Stryker fighting vehicles and the M113 armored personnel carrier. The parade as currently conceived also would include a variety of aircraft, including helicopters, fighter jets and flyovers from historical planes.

But there is one problem with the proposal, which has not been officially announced: the Defense Department is legally barred from using any of those vehicles in the parade.

A provision in the fiscal 2019 National Defense Authorization Act, signed by President Trump on Monday, explicitly prohibits the use of tanks, planes or other vehicles from being used during the event.

“In providing support [for the parade], the secretary [of defense] may expend funds for the display of small arms and munitions appropriate for customary ceremonial honors and for the participation of military units that perform customary ceremonial duties,” the law states. “[The secretary] may not expend funds to provide motorized vehicles, aviation platforms [or] munitions other than the munitions specifically described [above].”

Trump issued a statement when he signed the law on Monday objecting to a number of provisions and suggesting he may not enforce some aspects of the bill. But he did not mention the provision outlining how funds may be spent on the military parade.

Update: The Pentagon announced Thursday night that it would delay the parade until 2019.

Heh. (Supposedly McCain was involved in including that language.)

New Contrarywise...
I know its customary in this country when someone dies (particularly immediately after they die) to say the nicest things about him or her. But, I think it's worth remembering a few things. Like this, and this, and this, or maybe even his call to privatize Social Security.

It may be gauche, but I'm troubled that a war mongering, 1% enabling opponent of so many social programs has been made by his death into some shining definition of an American Hero.

It's mourning in America again.
New It started long before his death

New Topping off all the dis-info is: DJT (back in tyke school..) colors in the US flag: Russian-scheme

I. Mean. ..how Does? one get to be a misanthrope, Narcissist-while-solipsist, racist-liar and overall Jerk, ignorant as a tick of most Histories (local, State Fed and World)
and while hugging the sucker: forgets what the fucking-US-flag looks like?

Eh? h.t.f. does all this crap get rolled into One Nasty-homo-sap?
Reptile conservators Want To Know.
Expand Edited by Ashton Aug. 27, 2018, 02:26:11 PM EDT
New if it makes you feel better Mccain dissed the president after death by not inviting him
and I heard he was going to start to vote democrat from now on :-)
"Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts" – Richard Feynman
New non sequitur
     NYT flash in: John McCain cannot cancel another Repo-nightmare anti-Obama idiot-vote. RIP -NT - (Ashton) - (8)
         RIP, indeed! - (a6l6e6x)
         Even now, John McCain finds a way to put Trump in his place - (Ashton) - (6)
             St. John messed with Donnie's parade, also too. - (Another Scott) - (5)
                 Contrarywise... - (mmoffitt) - (4)
                     It started long before his death -NT - (drook)
                     Topping off all the dis-info is: DJT (back in tyke school..) colors in the US flag: Russian-scheme - (Ashton) - (2)
                         if it makes you feel better Mccain dissed the president after death by not inviting him - (boxley) - (1)
                             non sequitur -NT - (Ashton)

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