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New hey Ashe! watching the tv about vincent MC's
of course they had the black shadow, but they also had a vincent black night. Did you ever see one of those in action? Looked pretty interesting.
"Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts" – Richard Feynman
New Yes, purty those..
The last gasp ~'54-'55 for Vincent Ltd. :-(

One of the Lads from Blighty (who also ran a shop) had both a 'Silver Shadow' == B. S. sans the stove-enamel black finish for those who like Shiny
.. and a "Black Prince" (The ones with fairings were Series D)

Black Knight was ~~ previous 'Rapide' == plain vanilla, a few HP below Shadow.
(but hey, I can imagine also a Black Night!): factory equipped with a Lucas Flamethrower)?? for folk who like to travel rapidly, after dusk. :-þ

So then: the Black Shadow Series D-version, (faired) was dubbed Black Prince; Peter Adams (shop..) had one, dropped by my digs in Berkeley; have a couple pix of that, next to my Citroën DS-M, back in the day. Had I been an obedient Kapitalist: I should have snared both a new '54 Shadow and Black Prince, stuck 'em in a big plastic bag w/dry Nitrogen. Keep in in the living room until they matured into $$$.
But I not that smart (nor flush enough then, either.)

Alas, the 'D"s weren't sexy enough to keep the marque alive.. now "they belong to the ages" (to coin a phrase.)
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         Yes, purty those.. - (Ashton)

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