It was hard to decipher the accent, but the speaker put into perfect perspective:
HOW CAN ANY COUNTRY? ... after now 1.5 YEARS of this insane/wretched-human, even imagine-possible:
ANY SANE RELATIONSHIP with the dis-USA??, now seen so nakedly by anyone capable of Reason
from age ~8-10? --> on up to dotards (but still Conscious ones.)

Orange-boy fondling that swinky Glowing-Globe in that custom-staged skit by the egregiously-also-Fucked-country: The Saudi-prison-house ...
now engaged with AIrplane-Murder-by-Murican-Collaboration in prolly one of the greater War Crimes ever--someday--to be adjudicated.

And yes--and still--ever since Ronnie revealed his shallowness and Despicables-membership with "Greed is Good", America-inmates
have earned the obloquy which, I believe: never Shall be erased?/overcome?/FORGIVEN! ... at least until there are All New People™
(if 'America' hasn't been split two or three ways into permanently-warring-factions.)
Or has just fully-joined all the smaller Failed-States as an also-too worldwide Pariah.

tl;dr We. Suck. [That could be overcome.. with great diligence. Except for the millions who Take Pride in Suckiness, now a plurality.]