From the crib these antediluvian koans are/[were?] inculcated, thus accomplishing the obvious: Get Laid-NOW-or-adequate substitute ... Try!! during most waking hours.. This info then stays in the Reptile brain and explains lots about the behavior of males Here. During my lifetime, anyway.

In Scandinavia the obsession-aspect rarely happens; sure: Hormones happen, but neither of the (now 2+n genders) is forced to a lie/cheat/steal mindset, while trying to mature. While there are Evil-creeps everywhere, the dis-US Puritan underlayment--its anxiety thus Sin-ƒeare pressures--are a US-perfected mind-fuck.
Even moi Noticed sufficiently-to-despise-the-hypocrisy or near puberty; thus spared-self from the idiocy-parts, later. Maybe today, fewer parents do the drill to the same level of pure-BS, but..

Muricans traditionally suck about honestly-Facing: ... anything 'difficult'.