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New Nitpick on 42
There was a run of Susan B. Anthony dollar coins struck in 1999.
New Re: Nitpick on 42
Another nitpick: there was a short-lived series of “American President” dollar coins minted for general circulation between 2007 and 2011. They were extraordinarily cheesy-looking—resembled car wash tokens.

New Were those the ones that got gobbled up by credit card purchasers?
I seem to recall a somewhat low-level scandal where the Treasury was selling newly minted dollar coins at face value with perhaps free shipping to purchasers using credit cards. The coins reportedly never made it out of banks as people were buying them on credit cards to earn credit card points, stashing them in the bank and then paying the credit card bill with the coins each month (thereby avoiding paying any interest). Million upon million of credit card points were reportedly "earned" in this manner. It did cause the Treasury to change their policy I understand.

It's mourning in America again.
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Looks like a helluva party to me! Begone evil spirits!!
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