Next: brand-new *Pittsburg Cop shoots in-back the kid fleeing a "traffic stop" (for all the hastily cobbled-together backstory of [someone Else in a car had done something bad] "it appeared that Cop was having target practice he shot" per woman who filmed the murder.

* he'd been on duty for a few HOURS (and lost previous gig for falsifying some shit in his record.)
Will a single Admin-Cop even be fired for loosing this psycho upon the populace?

Every. Fucking. Day. comes the perpetual fallout of having a Liar-in-Chief running-amok-and-expanding his event-horizon (does he mind-meld with the sickest-Cops extant, too?)
When the well-merited heart attack fells the sucker, may. the. last. words. in his ear be ~~

It's KARMA, motherfucker!