While it’s a bit obvious in the broad strokes, it’s disturbing to learn about the details — but like my read of The Righteous Mind a few years ago, I found it was the sort of idea that sat in the back of my mind to help contextualize other things I saw and did (like Facebook, Netflix, and YouTube’s specific and purposeful decisions to autoload new videos after you finish watching one).

Related to that, I have since installed Chrome extensions to block the autoloading of new Facebook posts on scrolling (Social Fixer) and block YouTube’s recommendations from ever appearing (Remove Recommendations). The destructive power of YouTube’s recommendation engine is another, wholly different topic, but it’s no less dire.

We'll be seeing more such incisive (and yet better..) Warnings, I bet.
(Unless we are all dunces.)
Face-Book-boy-billionaire has already proven that $$$$corrupts lots More than ordinary undisciplined-$$greed from tyke-hood.

HAL9001? the Evil Clone who works just like the Plutocrat folk with-AI-minds; I fear that our denouement shall be as boring as an Accountant's wet dream.