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New How do you have it paired?
From everything I've found, a BT phone pairing overrides speaker and microphone with no option to do just one. But if it is paired as a multimedia device, then only the speaker is overridden.

(Some cars have multiple head units of differing capabilities. e.g. Subaru uses two head units with shared storage. One is controlled via the steering wheel buttons, the other via the stereo system. Only the steering wheel HU has full phone capabilities for 2 phones. And although the stereo unit can do a phone pairing, it is not full featured and some of the commands do not work. That little trick is not documented and because of the shared storage, it took a while to figure out why things were not working right :-/)
New It's not with a head unit
I've got one of these. Pair with it to broadcast to the radio, so it's only the speaker.

There are units that do full phone pairing and have their own mic, but none of the ones I saw supported broadcasting anything except the phone, so I couldn't play music or podcasts through it.

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                                 How do you have it paired? - (scoenye) - (1)
                                     It's not with a head unit - (drook)

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