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Welcome to IWETHEY!

New Mine too ..thought at first, that this was the movie I was just holding in my hand..
(I note the unforgettable scene of pure candor in Trailer, re the boy in wheelchair, so there’s cross-pollination here of course.)

Purchased via local KRCB as donation at $n/mo. etc. called It’s You I Like. But this is a (likely quite more historically-complete) Big Screen ackshul movie. Either/both are assuredly the Perfect antidote to [all our lengthy personal lists of] the current soul-deadening worldwide zeitgeist.

I regret much, that I was born too early to have been coached/educated/enLivened by this >>”saintly” human being’s authentic Persona-in-action.
(Believe that—either version—can even serve as a character-litmus) in the sense that, *anyone* who would scoff, trash-talk or otherwise denigrate Mr. Rogers/the Mensch and his lovely role: is in serious need of psychiatric remedies … and is to be pitied and Not! (in the spirit of Mr. R Himself) excoriated/villified! ..in the knee-jerk responses all too present in billions of nastygrams that (also) fill the intarweb and now, all around.

I concur with (the now severally expressed..) comments naming him The? A Man of the (last, possibly?) Century—if we only count back to 1918, say. Anyone who can watch either version re his brief time amongst us ..without staying teared-^Up^ -??- is likely also to have suffered such trauma growing-up, as those who—like The Drumpf and all who sail-in-her—Missed, sadly.. some of that internal sense of Humanity-writ-large, at the Core.

(Those within that unfortunate ’condition’ as might well sneer at what merely *seems* to be say ~“patronizing-ly simplistic”)—on first seeing a brief clip of his mien--thus missing his always pellucid Message to every young/old auditor:

That *You*—whatever the deranged-state of parent you are to confront daily/worst-case—ARE Worthy of love, of being valued for Your very Presence, etc. and that you must never forget {each day’s Master-lessons} on just how to achieve full equanimity (re all the [-] shit you shall also encounter.. in life..) along with the Magnificence you are fortunate to encounter: that which forms a permanent-memory, in sight/sound/smell of such moments.

Thanks for the heads-up; shall have to scan local emporia for the showing. There have to be millions of folk whose lives were deeply affected/literally Saved, even, via the knowledge that a tyke could daily tune-in (and drop-out-of! whatever scary milieu that child inhabited) just then.

tl:dr …
THIS is the anti-Carrion. I wot.

..not to mention: Just another Reason to keep IWeThey alive, despite all the shiny word-baubles Out There, not many of which can--or Will-come close to matching
our bitchin longevity, nor the fortuitous coalescence/nascent from: pithy exchanges on the website of a $$compromised Windoze-pwned site ... those eons ago. Eh?

Thanks!! long-sustaining Admin.
New Yes, nice. (One would have to be daft to diss the man, Fox-style ... such an easy qed.)
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         Mine too ..thought at first, that this was the movie I was just holding in my hand.. - (Ashton) - (2)
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                 Yes, nice. (One would have to be daft to diss the man, Fox-style ... such an easy qed.) -NT - (Ashton)

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