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New Another fish failure.
While out in Vietnam today, I spotted a very large fish on ice that I didn't immediately recognize. It was 8 pounds, but at US $0.99 / pound, it was quit affordable, so I bought it.

Unfortunately, while thinking about it on the way home, I realized it was a Big Head Carp. It'd been so long since I last saw a whole one, I didn't recognize it. So I didn't need it because I'd already photographed and studied Big Head Carp. I certainly didn't need a little 8 pounder, since my study subject was 19.2 pounds.

The nice thing about my fish studies is that I really enjoy my failures. I don't have to photograph them, I don't have to study them, I don't have to write them up, I just have to eat them - and I really like fish.
New I strive to deal with my failures as creatively :-) but
..don't much like the taste of crow :-/
New rofl. :-)
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