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New I like the concept, but ...
How does the nearly 2-to-1 staff/resident ratio compare to other facilities? Might make it a great place to live, maybe not such a good basis for comparison, though.

New Varies dramatically day to night
An ambulatory care (not a nursing home) dementia unit where either people get private or share rooms will have a single nurse. There may be 30-60 residents, multiple floors, multiple wings. There will be 2 or 3 med givers. There will be 3 to 6 caregivers. Depends on current patient count. Plus you gotta add in cook staff, maintenance, activities, executive overhead, etc.

They are fools. They view old folks like small children and if they get out of hand they merely need redirection. They are wrong. Old folks at this stage are crazy, sure, but they also know they can get away with anything. They have a lifetime of accumulating slights and grievances, and are quite happy to take it out on the staff and other old people.
New Visited with a Psych-tech acquaintance once..
Many moons back; doubt I could elaborate to any purpose on the variety of impressions (wandered about maybe an hour.)

Was struck by (what I said as we exited) "How can you tell the inmates from the 'custodians'?" Not being 'funny'.
Believe that my earlier take.. was just strengthened, re My Turn:

Thanks, Alex; I'll pick Door #3 [the Hemlock cup]
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