Here, from "A Medium Corporation", whoever.t.f. they (really) Are [??]

..and, it's about a lot More than just the Tyranny of Mega-bux-Apple and the other Status.. Based.. Look-at-moi; I be so bereft of er, internal moxie? as to buy all that Stuff/nay, BE SEEN to have $impeccable? $Taste as to emulate to a fare-thee-well: the late-great (grate, often enough) Oscar Wilde..

I have the simplest of tastes.
I am always satisfied with the best.

Sometimes you already have it; it's inside, now automated and 'it' guarantees the necessity of ^UP^-grades regularly ... no matter what the specific gadget-du-jour: as,
always there will be next year's 'Better' one on which to lavish your grandiose not-yet-maxxed-out Credit Card ... forever & ever. Right, fellow 'Consumers'?
Love. It.

(Recall too that 'Consumption' was the disease later termed tuberculosis.)
(Just as: the vaunted, absurd aim of all Corps is to maintain Unlimited Growth in --> the futchah!
That too has another name: 'Cancer'.)

BaDum ... Tish