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New Shitphone: a Love Story
Here, from "A Medium Corporation", whoever.t.f. they (really) Are [??]

..and, it's about a lot More than just the Tyranny of Mega-bux-Apple and the other Status.. Based.. Look-at-moi; I be so bereft of er, internal moxie? as to buy all that Stuff/nay, BE SEEN to have $impeccable? $Taste as to emulate to a fare-thee-well: the late-great (grate, often enough) Oscar Wilde..

I have the simplest of tastes.
I am always satisfied with the best.

Sometimes you already have it; it's inside, now automated and 'it' guarantees the necessity of ^UP^-grades regularly ... no matter what the specific gadget-du-jour: as,
always there will be next year's 'Better' one on which to lavish your grandiose not-yet-maxxed-out Credit Card ... forever & ever. Right, fellow 'Consumers'?
Love. It.

(Recall too that 'Consumption' was the disease later termed tuberculosis.)
(Just as: the vaunted, absurd aim of all Corps is to maintain Unlimited Growth in --> the futchah!
That too has another name: 'Cancer'.)

BaDum ... Tish
New Re: Shitphone: a Love Story
Shitphones are generally not actually shitty. They are, if you isolate them from the distorting effect of highly competitive preference-driven smartphone retail and marketing, the absence of which helps keep them so cheap, marvels of engineering and execution, assembled with precision and care and able to accomplish tasks that a half-dozen years ago would have been inconceivable for a portable device. iPhones are really just shitphones from the future.
New Speaking of the upgrade treadmill
Podcast about planned obsolescence.

First an actual documented conspiracy to purposely make worse products, with fines paid to the cartel if yours was too good.

Then psychological obsolescence. The mind-bending example of which is that Chevy would include with every Bel-air sold an ad for the following year's model. No sooner did you get home than you were confronted with how much better the next one is going to be.

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