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New Sample: KOS-folk dealing with Std. memes (as also-too..) in the IGM:

Mark B CindyV May 20 · 09:44:56 PM
I hate to say it, but Dems have been pinning their hope on young people since I was young a half century ago. We thought we could elect McCarthy, Kennedy or McGovern. Ha!

Young people are no smarter than old. The average age on this website is pretty high (judging from pics on the website and pics from the annual Kos meeting). I meet a lot of smart, leftish young people, but I meet a lot of smart, leftish old people too.

This country is in real trouble for the first time in my life. These people are Fascists, and I mean that.


SemperEducandis Mark B May 20 · 09:57:32 PM
If it were not for grand children (and the real impossibility of moving three large dogs and four cats across international borders) we would have moved to some other (saner) country a year or more ago.

I’m among other things a military veteran. My wife is a retired school teacher and the mother of a USAF B1B pilot (now retired, and going to work soon for a major airline). Our dedication to this country and real, not-jelly-belly-flag-flapping, patriotism is NOT to be questioned without a coffee-and-pistols-for-two dawn challenge.

But we BOTH want to leave this country for just about anywhere else, because of the insanity that is growing like mold in the bathroom.

This is NOT the country I swore to defend with my life. This is NOT the country I bled for.


Swduncan SemperEducandis May 21 · 01:55:05 AM
I'm with you. I just wish France still took in descendents of the Huguenot Diaspora. Ah, well.


mmstephenson SemperEducandis May 21 · 08:09:26 AM
I’m with you! I have the same issues, grandkids and family ties here that would be difficult to cut. But I dream about getting out of this fever swamp shithole every day and night and it is literally making me sick.

From: This Liberal went to a Right Wing candidate forum and saw an alternate reality
KOS 5/20/18
New Kindred spirits. :0(

It's mourning in America again.
     Sample: KOS-folk dealing with Std. memes (as also-too..) in the IGM: - (Ashton) - (1)
         Kindred spirits. :0( -NT - (mmoffitt)

That's the kind of thing I enjoyed watching for hours on acid.
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