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New Looks like they reinvented the steam engine
They claim two assigned patents, but I could only find one:

Burn* fuel external to the engine and use the resulting heat to vaporize a liquid. That vapor is then directed into the engine to produce mechanical work. Someone is channeling James Watt...

* using a "hydrogen flash vaporizer". Ask NASA for details.

Preferred fuel: liquid hydrogen. Preferred propellant: water/ammonia mix.

The hydrogen part is pretty much a no go for road use. LNG/LPG may be a fall back position but the energy density is only ~40%/30% that of hydrogen.

(And I can't see too many takers of conversion kits for 4T engines. You want ye olde steam train push/pull cylinder design for maximum efficiency.)

I'll stick with the troll assessment. This patent is vague (burn some fuel to vaporize some liquid to make some engine work.) Combined with the threat of run-on patents, it applies to anything attempting to use said hydrogen flash converter (an item which by itself dates back to 1978...)
New pretty much :-)
I would need to see a working model. May be a lot like the 3 wheel vehicle that was all the rage a few years ago and hasnt shipped one unit yet.
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