that is: even in Physical-chemistry (chemistry is a mere sub-set of Physics, after all) and there: correct "reaction rates" vary greatly when you are seeking to maximize Efficiency. KISS: Some processes demand certain 'pauses' within a series of sub-reactions. And how to Do That is what separates the casual-Dreamers from those who will pursue that "infinite tribulations" path. (I speak from some early-on dabblings in a Thermodynamics vein which led to er, matrices which did not work as advertised ..and like that. FAIL.)

ie. "Intuitively Obvious" doesn't cut it here. methinks. Hedy Lamarr:
'They' stole her "frequency-hopping" Patented(!) *idea. She pursued this, as she was elderly/running out of money ($300/mo. from Screen Actors Guild!) ... but she had missed learning of the 6-year limit on bringing suit. Vulture-capitalism has killed-off-via-cupidity the just rewards of [the uncountable]. News at 11.
* is a Weird site (link was shown in PBS flic re H. Lamarr.) but delving there got to this also bizarre site with Lamarr bio books, etc.
But you'd have to be ackshully Interested in her many inventive sub-stories, to wander --> hence.. ;^>
[I have NO IDEA how it was that, this Genius-person managed to conceive of that massive Idea, 'frequency-hopping', entirely On Her Own.) But, assuredly: she did just That.]
Moi so Dumb where it comes to those unknown-Unknowns :-/