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New Only thing I've ever done to a laptop was max the RAM
Every other time, I could get something new for barely more than the cost of the upgrades I was looking at.

We may be getting to the point that the improvements slow down, but I've always stayed a generation behind the bleeding edge anyway.

New Re: Only thing I've ever done to a laptop was max the RAM
As recounted here a couple of years ago, I quadrupled the RAM in my 2009 MacBook Pro and swapped in a solid-state drive, and the rejuvenation was something to behold. The machine is still, at its advanced age, goddamn zippy, and can function as a production unit (not that there’s much call for that thing from Old Black Rand these days, but I could, at need, turn out pretty much anything I used to do on my twin iMacs back in the BDS era).

The present home unit, the 2010-to-2012 (firmware upgrade) cheesegrater with 64GB, continues to be a trouper, particularly since the evil beancounters at Mudbrick appear to have lost track of my copy of their “Fanciful Fog” suite of graphic goodness. I note, however, that Apple will shortly be end-lifing, in some landmark-named OS iteration to come, all “32-bit” applications. I’ve sat through that movie about three times since 1993, and do not propose to do so again, so whatever baubles, bangles and bright shiny beads may accompany those releases, I will likely stay with old-fashioned functionality. But hey, it has been a good ride for the past thirty-four years since the platform was introduced, and I made a reasonably remunerative living off it from 1987 until seven months ago, so no hard feelings.

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