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New I'm used to the butterfly keyboard now.
My previous external keyboard feels mushy and difficult to use now.

Of course, I hope I don't get a crumb under the space bar...

With respect to unserviceable and non-upgradable machines, it really hasn't been an issue for me. I just replaced the battery in my 4yo MBP ($300, got a free keyboard and trackpad out of it), and now my son is using it. Helluva lot cheaper than buying him his own machine. My dad is still using my old 1,1 MBP for that matter. Every Windows laptop I've ever had lived less time than the Macs, so disposable doesn't really seem to be a thing in comparison.
Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson.
New Only thing I've ever done to a laptop was max the RAM
Every other time, I could get something new for barely more than the cost of the upgrades I was looking at.

We may be getting to the point that the improvements slow down, but I've always stayed a generation behind the bleeding edge anyway.

New Re: Only thing I've ever done to a laptop was max the RAM
As recounted here a couple of years ago, I quadrupled the RAM in my 2009 MacBook Pro and swapped in a solid-state drive, and the rejuvenation was something to behold. The machine is still, at its advanced age, goddamn zippy, and can function as a production unit (not that there’s much call for that thing from Old Black Rand these days, but I could, at need, turn out pretty much anything I used to do on my twin iMacs back in the BDS era).

The present home unit, the 2010-to-2012 (firmware upgrade) cheesegrater with 64GB, continues to be a trouper, particularly since the evil beancounters at Mudbrick appear to have lost track of my copy of their “Fanciful Fog” suite of graphic goodness. I note, however, that Apple will shortly be end-lifing, in some landmark-named OS iteration to come, all “32-bit” applications. I’ve sat through that movie about three times since 1993, and do not propose to do so again, so whatever baubles, bangles and bright shiny beads may accompany those releases, I will likely stay with old-fashioned functionality. But hey, it has been a good ride for the past thirty-four years since the platform was introduced, and I made a reasonably remunerative living off it from 1987 until seven months ago, so no hard feelings.

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