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New Thanks.
One of the things I read about the Sonys that makes me nervous is all the criticisms of the menus. They've apparently gotten better over time, but the A7 is nearly 4 years old. The A7RII is twice the price, and the A7RIII is even more. :-/

Plus there are lots of complaints about Sony cameras overheating. :-( Yeah, squeaky wheel, etc. But it makes me nervous.

But it's good to look at it again before seriously considering spending so much. So thanks!


[edit:] I see I'm mixing up cameras. The Rs are 40+MP, the non-Rs are 24 MP. There's an A7RIII but the A7III isn't out yet - rumors were indicating it would be $1999 body only and out this April. The A7II is 3+ years old.


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New Things in that class age well
20MP is sufficient for A2 prints. Noise was a non-issue even 2 years ago, unless you plan on a lot of work at high ISO settings. The quality of the lenses is going to have a much bigger impact than a more recent body.

(I [finally] got my hands on a Canon 5D2 when my semi-pro neighbor went mirrorless. Even at 9 years, I haven't found anything to want for yet and the thing will probably [well, hopefully... ;-)] outlast me.)
New Yup. Good points.
It wouldn't be as much of an issue if I knew I would be using it regularly and thus would get the muscle memory for the menus, reprogramming the buttons, etc. But that's not going to be the case (for a few years at least). And the overheating...

Don't get me wrong - Sony's been making some compelling cameras. And "full frame" has lots of advantages (if you don't need/want large zoom ranges, and can afford it).

But they're just not compelling enough to make me jump just yet. :-) But nothing else is either at the moment.

Thanks again.

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