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New Given the D's are in play and Sony's in the picture too...
What about the Sony a7? Mirrorless leader, same weight class, full frame and less than the 80D kit at B&H, even less at Adorama.

Sorry to make life even more complicated ;-)
New Thanks.
One of the things I read about the Sonys that makes me nervous is all the criticisms of the menus. They've apparently gotten better over time, but the A7 is nearly 4 years old. The A7RII is twice the price, and the A7RIII is even more. :-/

Plus there are lots of complaints about Sony cameras overheating. :-( Yeah, squeaky wheel, etc. But it makes me nervous.

But it's good to look at it again before seriously considering spending so much. So thanks!


[edit:] I see I'm mixing up cameras. The Rs are 40+MP, the non-Rs are 24 MP. There's an A7RIII but the A7III isn't out yet - rumors were indicating it would be $1999 body only and out this April. The A7II is 3+ years old.


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New Things in that class age well
20MP is sufficient for A2 prints. Noise was a non-issue even 2 years ago, unless you plan on a lot of work at high ISO settings. The quality of the lenses is going to have a much bigger impact than a more recent body.

(I [finally] got my hands on a Canon 5D2 when my semi-pro neighbor went mirrorless. Even at 9 years, I haven't found anything to want for yet and the thing will probably [well, hopefully... ;-)] outlast me.)
New Yup. Good points.
It wouldn't be as much of an issue if I knew I would be using it regularly and thus would get the muscle memory for the menus, reprogramming the buttons, etc. But that's not going to be the case (for a few years at least). And the overheating...

Don't get me wrong - Sony's been making some compelling cameras. And "full frame" has lots of advantages (if you don't need/want large zoom ranges, and can afford it).

But they're just not compelling enough to make me jump just yet. :-) But nothing else is either at the moment.

Thanks again.

New Sony cameras are technical marvels
and ergonomic nightmares.

I keep wondering about chucking my Canon gear and getting Sony, and then I try out an A7III or something, and realise that I can operate everything that matters on my 6D without removing my eye from the finder.
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It's one thing to know they're coming...
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