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New “The Tempest” 1960
I saw this as a child, and it has always stayed with me. Considerably cropped from the original play, but extraordinary performances and costume design. Maurice Evans as Prospero! Richard Burton as Caliban! Roddy McDowell as Ariel!!!

This performance is well worth your time, I promise you. You may have to kick the video back a few minutes to the start.

New Saw Maurice E. in IIRC Hamlet, as a yout in San Diego.
Finally immersed in The Tempest; indeed the synergy of the utterly boffo costumery much intensifies that which would have been Mesmerizing--even in sack-cloth.

Thanks for the treat, belatedly. As 1960 was the year of my Euro grand-tour (initially posited to be via m/cycle and not a red A.H-Sprite), any news of this live performance would have just gone ^zoom^, alas..
     “The Tempest” 1960 - (rcareaga) - (1)
         Saw Maurice E. in IIRC Hamlet, as a yout in San Diego. - (Ashton)

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