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New Nice.
A colleague has said that one has to take a ship when one goes to Alaska, to see the glaciers and such. And the VRC TV commercials look wonderful, but they always show Budapest and I would hate to go (back) there and not be able to spend a lot of time walking around. I'd probably feel that way about any other European river travels.

But maybe something like Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. That might be a great way to get an introduction and see the sights of a place like that...

A very nice tale. Thanks for sharing it.

New I had a chance to visit Vietnam back in the day
…free transportation, lodging, clothing allowance, medical care, burial insurance. I turned it down.

New I understand it's much nicer now.

Some recent pictures from a Balloon-Juicer's vacation:

Ho Chi Minh City

New It could scarcely be less nice…
than when we were hitting them with more ordnance than we’d dropped on the Third Reich.

New Yup.
Though most of the bombs were dropped on Laos and Cambodia.


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I wasn’t quite sure what to say so I told them I thought they were both insane and just wanted to buy my sprinkler parts.
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