Looks like, 'twixt the two links one can be up-to-date on Tim's little changes via tonymac and be reminded about the old screwdriver days (with mere air-cooled cpus) ... and your backup 'disc' is now a thumb-drive, maybe from Apple store even.

It could come to that, and I could enlist a local partner whose mettle has already been demonstrated. The nofilmschool guy seems to need mondo graphics capabilities whereas I could settle for less pricey gpu/video pieces. Wondering though if "iStat Pro" (my necessary instrumentation for watching the thermodynamics, as I am wont to do) ... can figure out what to call thermistor locations (like "Northbridge etc. in my '09 relic) or will just go Tilt. I mean.. ya wouldn't buy/use a car without a tach + oil temp, now would you?

So will clear some neurons for a test what-if, see what the modest-spec collection would cost now (with some display prolly a tad sleeker than the current 1920 x 1200 on the 24", I expect.) I thought that a Apple Pro was nearer $9K a few years back; I guess we have no clue what any next Pro will begin from but I can eschew the Black LIghtning grade, in any event. Of course.. the whole idea panders to the now iffy-expectation that (say)

The Futchah {still} ---> Lies A head (in the road).
So before I start making component lists, I await our Deliverance-via-Mueller et al. Planning a Hackintosh does imply a belief that we Shall overcome the zombie granny-starvers, maybe even get to see a special prison filled with all the perps (with lawyers of ~same genius-grade as the sfvulgarian?? :-)