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New A lengthy exchange re Apple 'Service' du jour (though it was in '17)
Via a link of DRL's on Book of Face(-palm, now)


Why I owned a Macbook Pro for a day — and what it says to me about the future of Apple


A claimed factoid: Apple's 'computer' operations are/were then: "~12%" of their very-Gross income. The tale told by author, commented upon by many ... was: about as Shameless as a Drumpf definition of 'compassion' might be (though I doubt he has heard that word or could define it.)

So when this '09 iMac gets fully Lagacied-out? w.t.F. To Do next (especially if a one despises (also shared by contributors to above) the utterly-STUPID thin-ness BS

..so transparently about worshipping The Un-fixable-God of Corporate-dreams == Apple cares about Users about the way the short-fingered-vulgarian cares about Miners-of-fucking coal. I really have no idea what I can laterally arabesque towards, next (esp. given the also shoddier mechanical execution (to boot!)) of their current stuff, also per several in this exchange. [Hackintosh!? still lives?] I shall be very careful not to stress this 24" Adequate device, maxxed-out at 8 GB, aided by the SSD. CCE, I guess; capitalism corrupts everyone
New TonymacX86
https://www.tonymacx86.com/ still seems to be the go-to place for drivers, boot sticks, etc., for Hackintoshes.

A good, conversational how-to from last June is here: https://nofilmschool.com/2017/06/hackintosh-101-beginners-guide-to-building-your-own-4k-editing-machine

I see the next MacPros aren't due until (sometime) next year, and we know they won't be cheap ($2500 and up if history is any guide). A Hackintosh might be a very compelling choice for at least the next year or so.

New Arrr, Matey.. thanks for the update on the craft..
Looks like, 'twixt the two links one can be up-to-date on Tim's little changes via tonymac and be reminded about the old screwdriver days (with mere air-cooled cpus) ... and your backup 'disc' is now a thumb-drive, maybe from Apple store even.

It could come to that, and I could enlist a local partner whose mettle has already been demonstrated. The nofilmschool guy seems to need mondo graphics capabilities whereas I could settle for less pricey gpu/video pieces. Wondering though if "iStat Pro" (my necessary instrumentation for watching the thermodynamics, as I am wont to do) ... can figure out what to call thermistor locations (like "Northbridge etc. in my '09 relic) or will just go Tilt. I mean.. ya wouldn't buy/use a car without a tach + oil temp, now would you?

So will clear some neurons for a test what-if, see what the modest-spec collection would cost now (with some display prolly a tad sleeker than the current 1920 x 1200 on the 24", I expect.) I thought that a Apple Pro was nearer $9K a few years back; I guess we have no clue what any next Pro will begin from but I can eschew the Black LIghtning grade, in any event. Of course.. the whole idea panders to the now iffy-expectation that (say)

The Futchah {still} ---> Lies A head (in the road).
So before I start making component lists, I await our Deliverance-via-Mueller et al. Planning a Hackintosh does imply a belief that we Shall overcome the zombie granny-starvers, maybe even get to see a special prison filled with all the perps (with lawyers of ~same genius-grade as the sfvulgarian?? :-)
New Apple priced themselves out for me a while back
I now live in a world where I no longer have a disposable computer.

Needed some more compute recently, so I upgraded the 2013-vintage i5 to a Ryzen 5 1600 hexacore. This needed a new board, but no biggie. But the best part is my old board is now doing sterling service in a friend's computer. His ancient AMD Phenom board has gone to a charity shop, where it'll probably end up displacing an old Celeron board or something.

There are lots of reasons I dislike Apple's direction of travel over the past 5-8 years (thinness above all, those awful butterfly keyboards, unserviceable and un-upgradeable machines, a complete antipathy to independent repair, and some piss-awful software bugs that even MS would be ashamed of) but top of the list, by a long, long way, is the reframing of the personal computer as a pretty much totally disposable appliance.

And this is a shame, because I do like OS X. MacOS. macOS. Whatever it's called today :)
New The MacBook Pro I had for my previous job was a jewel
Every day I'm using the Lenovo I'm wishing for the Mac back.

Expand Edited by drook April 30, 2018, 07:43:12 PM EDT
New I'm used to the butterfly keyboard now.
My previous external keyboard feels mushy and difficult to use now.

Of course, I hope I don't get a crumb under the space bar...

With respect to unserviceable and non-upgradable machines, it really hasn't been an issue for me. I just replaced the battery in my 4yo MBP ($300, got a free keyboard and trackpad out of it), and now my son is using it. Helluva lot cheaper than buying him his own machine. My dad is still using my old 1,1 MBP for that matter. Every Windows laptop I've ever had lived less time than the Macs, so disposable doesn't really seem to be a thing in comparison.
Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson.
New Only thing I've ever done to a laptop was max the RAM
Every other time, I could get something new for barely more than the cost of the upgrades I was looking at.

We may be getting to the point that the improvements slow down, but I've always stayed a generation behind the bleeding edge anyway.

New Re: Only thing I've ever done to a laptop was max the RAM
As recounted here a couple of years ago, I quadrupled the RAM in my 2009 MacBook Pro and swapped in a solid-state drive, and the rejuvenation was something to behold. The machine is still, at its advanced age, goddamn zippy, and can function as a production unit (not that there’s much call for that thing from Old Black Rand these days, but I could, at need, turn out pretty much anything I used to do on my twin iMacs back in the BDS era).

The present home unit, the 2010-to-2012 (firmware upgrade) cheesegrater with 64GB, continues to be a trouper, particularly since the evil beancounters at Mudbrick appear to have lost track of my copy of their “Fanciful Fog” suite of graphic goodness. I note, however, that Apple will shortly be end-lifing, in some landmark-named OS iteration to come, all “32-bit” applications. I’ve sat through that movie about three times since 1993, and do not propose to do so again, so whatever baubles, bangles and bright shiny beads may accompany those releases, I will likely stay with old-fashioned functionality. But hey, it has been a good ride for the past thirty-four years since the platform was introduced, and I made a reasonably remunerative living off it from 1987 until seven months ago, so no hard feelings.

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In conclusion, lithium in the water supply.
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