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New iPhone really pisses me off
Daughter is flying tomorrow. She's got the boarding pass as a PDF attachment in her email. And I can't save the fucking thing locally, so she can view it without a connection at the airport.

I went looking to see where the button is to save it, and it turns out this is intentional. They're protecting the system from malicious files, which is fine because users aren't supposed to see the filesystem anyway.

New Save it in the Wallet or Passbook? Airline app?


I just used my phone for the boarding pass the first time a month or so ago. On Android. I saved it a couple of ways (in Photos and as an e-mail attachment). It worked fine even with the phone changing from portrait to landscape when put down for scanning.

J hasn't tried it with her iPhone yet, so I dunno the best way to do it. But it has to be possible.

Good luck.

New iBook is another possibilityi
You can load PDFs into it.
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         Save it in the Wallet or Passbook? Airline app? - (Another Scott)
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