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New well a while back when I started the new gig I was living in an RV
last June the heat with no shade overcame the AC in the RV so I rented a very small 1 bathroom house with two bedrooms and a smaller room that I used as an "office"
One kid with new kinder had no luck in GA finding a job so I "temporarily" offered him to stay in the one bedroom we had available.

So other kid with kinder hanging with useless, and expecting another kid showed up yesterday.

Now useless is is the "well I know how to use the internet so I should be really smart" kinda guy. Not a bad person but stupid as the day is long. He took her, the kid they already have and his dad to New Mexico because great gran was about to do a dirt nap.

On the trip his aunt started bullshit with my daughter, the rest of the family helped out and useless didnt say or do a damn thing about it. They start heading home. So my daughter sucker punches useless's dad from the back seat useless pulls over raises shit then they drive home. Daughter is texting me all the way home how "she is done" he is telling her she cannot do a thing about the new baby because it is his.

Ok keep reading your intarweb feeds about lawyering and shit. Guess what, I have to share my toilet with 2 more people on top of the two other people I didnt expect to share with and you want to get to lawyering?

Stupid fuck was dumb enuff to sign up for a tax refund loan without reading the fine print that every douchebag with a credit ding on your credit gets to dip that cash advance before you get dime one so now both of them are having an oh fuck moment.

keep larnin that intarweb boy, you will be voting trump in no time. Oh wait!

nuff said for now. I am halfway moved back into my RV which is where I wanted to be anyway.

kids, you cant live withoutem but you can hide for a while
"Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts" – Richard Feynman
New Hang in there. Good luck.
     well a while back when I started the new gig I was living in an RV - (boxley) - (1)
         Hang in there. Good luck. -NT - (Another Scott)

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