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New Anything like that...
...check YouTube for a teardown or review that includes testing with a scope/meter of some description.

Shoddy electronics might not work, but shoddy power supplies can literally burn your house down.

I can't find anything for that one. I'd walk on by, and get something from a brand I trust, like Anker.
New Sounds like Anker is the one to go with
Yeah, searching my manufacturer I'm seeing a bunch of options. Cool.

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             Ooh, it's got a USB-C on it - (drook) - (4)
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                             Only got the one sorta-high draw device, the phone - (drook)
         Anything like that... - (pwhysall) - (1)
             Sounds like Anker is the one to go with - (drook)
         I get most of my reviews from The Wirecutter these days. - (malraux) - (1)
             Yep, me too - (pwhysall)

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